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Home Maintenance

Prime Square offers a variety of packages under one square to preserve and enhance the value, life and beauty of your home. Packages includes preventive and reactive services. Extra services can be added to meet specific requirments of clients.

Description Frequency Classic Premium Prestige
Servicing of AC units 2xyear x x x
Servicing of Fixed electrical fittings 2xyear x x x
Servicing of Plumbing units 2xyear x x x
Cleaning of Water tanks 2xyear x x x
Repairing of Fixed electrical fittings 1xyear x x x
Repairing of Plumbing defects   x x x
Repairing of Water pumps & motors   x x x
Servicing of Water pumps & motors   x x x
Carpentry - repairing of fixed wood works, doors & windows, fly screens   x x
Masonry - grouting, application of sealant and fixing of broken floor or wall tiles   x x
Pest Control   x x
Cleaning of Paved yards 1xmonth x
Cleaning of Windows external 1xyear x
Cleaning and servicing external lights & fans 1xyear     x

Many Solutions

Electric Solutions

MEP Services to keep the mechanical, electrical and plumbing equipments of your property in good condition.


Aesthetically pleasing and durable painting solutions. Interior & Exterior Painting, Decorative Painting


Eco-friendly cleaning services for residential and commercial properties. Villa Cleaning, Window Cleaning, Water Tank Cleaning.


Partition and False Ceiling Works, Repairing and installation of doors, windows and fly screens, Curtian Hanging, Picture Hanging.


Flooring, Tiling & Roofing Works, Plastering , Water Proofing, Brick Laying & Stone Works.